Wednesday, June 4, 2014


One cute chick and one old mama went to pick strawberries today.  You'd think with a family our size there could've been more pickers, but it worked out for only Tara and I to go when we needed to go today!  We were hoping for 140ish pounds, knowing I'd gotten 142 pounds last year.  I knew we didn't need quite that many since we still had some left, but I decided to see how the picking was.

When I called the strawberry owner the other day, the message said they were beginning on Friday at 9:00.  I didn't plan to go then.  I left her a message, saying to please call me and let me know when would be a good time to come picking, as it was a bit of a drive for me, and I wanted to get 100-150 pounds on one trip.  She called me back that afternoon and asked if I'd like to come on Wednesday, before she actually opened to the public!!!  I felt like one lucky girl:)

We had the whole field(s) to ourselves.  She didn't care where we went.  She first showed us one field of berries, and told us we could also go into a different patch.  We started out and our first 3 buckets (each) were taking us about 10 minutes a bucket.  It felt long and tiresome and 28 buckets sounded like something far off in the future!!!  I decided to walk over to the other patch.  I got a handful of berries that were MUCH larger and seemed darker . . . more ready to be picked.  We decided to head over there to try it out.  We stayed there the rest of the time.  Our average went down to a little over 6 minutes a bucket.  It felt like we were moving so much, that it didn't seem nearly as long.  I just got so sore.  I'd try to stand over a row and bend down.  Then my back would get tired.  Then I tried to go on my knees . . . and they'd start hurting.  And finally we were done.

When I was on my last bucket, the lady had walked by and said she'd be right back.  I hadn't realized it, but Tara saw her get into a vehicle and leave.  After we filled our 28 buckets that we were shooting for, I went to the van, opened up the doors and windows and laid my seat back to rest.  Tara went to get another bucket to keep picking!!  I told her not to pick too much, as I'd already gotten what I wanted.  When she was finished she came to wait, too.  The lady finally came back and we were able to weigh and pay for our berries and leave.  We'd gotten 148 pounds in 1 3/4 hours!!

This is what 28 buckets of berries look like, lined up in the shade of our van.

And this is what 148 pounds of berries looks like in containers.  I had every container filled that I'd brought with me!!

And this is what supper . . . Swedish pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream looks like:)

I wish I could say they were all done, but they're not!!  I have a bunch to do tomorrow, including all of my jam.  Rachel, Aimee, Tara, me, and even Clint for a short while, worked on the berries tonight.