Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life . . . over the last 2 months

Life has been busy and I haven't taken any time to blog for a long time.  I'll share a few (or LOTS of) pictures with you here, to catch you up on what we've been doing.

In June, Aimee graduated as the Salutatorian of her class of over 500 students.

Christopher graduated from 8th grade.

My two babies both in bed with me one morning:)

A quilt I made for one of our godsons.  I bought the pattern and most of the fabric in NH on our vacation last fall.

Rachel's 19th birthday.

The boys got to help Jay with the sauna foundation.

A quilt for Dad from my quilt group that I quilted.

David and I were blessed to be able to take a bus tour trip to California with 38 other adults from our church (from congregations across the nation and Canada).  We were the babies of the group:)  We had a wonderful 7 days of fun and fellowship along with seeing many things we'd never seen and going further south into California than we'd ever been.  We also celebrated our 21st anniversary while we were gone.  Us on our anniversary . . . we went to Alcatraz Island that day.

Our whole tour group.

Us at the Reagan Library . . . ready to board Air Force One.

A bobcat at the corner of the sauna foundation the morning after we got back . . . just hanging out watching for his breakfast.

This year was the earliest we ever went huckleberry picking . . . and a first for picking huckleberries before we'd gotten our blueberries!!  We had a beautiful evening and got about 5 quarts of berries.  They weren't too great and we plan to try somewhere else in another week or so.

Mt. Adams

My sweetie with Mt. Hood in the background.

Walking up the trail.  We just ended up looking here . . . berries weren't ready.

Tanner turned 18 months on Sunday.

Aimee's 18th birthday was Monday.

David's GF version of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake:)

Rick did the groundwork plumbing for our sauna on Tuesday.

A quilt I just quilted for my quilt group.

And a baby blanket for a new little one.

We got our peaches Tuesday night.  They're as delicious as always.  Ten boxes of  peaches.

All laid out to ripen down the basement.  (all of them aren't in the picture)  I like ripening them downstairs because they ripen slowly and I don't have to do them all at one time.  They're also out of reach of the little kids.

Yesterday Aimee and I had to go to Portland, so I decided to make a little trip to Fabric Depot at the same time.  I bought this wonderful little stack of fabric to make a baby boy quilt out of.  I'm so excited to work with it, but it's being saved for my beach trip at the end of September.  Those little eyes peaking from the bottom are from some adorable little foxes, going on the border of the quilt, and the gray minky is for the back.

Today we got gravel for fill in the sauna to get ready for concrete.  David had a conveyor truck bring the gravel and it was pretty awesome watching it.  The guy could drive the truck and move the conveyor belt around by remote control.  As you can tell, this was pretty exciting for the whole family:)

That's been our life over the last couple months:)  Hope you enjoyed seeing it!!