Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As usual after my bazaars, I like to post things here to see if I can sell anything else!  As you'll notice I was not into taking fancy pictures this time.  I just quickly took some to get them posted here.

First off I have some cute organizer wallets.  They have a little notepad in them and there are a few pockets for business cards, gift cards, money, etc.  Folded closed, these are about 5.75" tall x 4" wide.

Some of these are completely in one color of fabric, and for those I have only one picture.  If they have contrasting fabric inside, I have a picture of the inside.  These organizer wallets are $8 each.


Next up are some cards.  I decided to do quite a few generic ones, thinking they could be used for many things, but those are the ones that didn't want to sell!  These are $1.75 each.

Card on left SOLD

Card on right SOLD.

I have a few sets of magnets left.  They're $6 each.

Christopher and Clint made some birdhouses.  They have this one left.  It is $25.

I made some baby burp cloths.  The girl ones ($6) are ruffled down the middle and the one boy one ($5) is just a solid panel.
The middle one (brown and aqua) is SOLD.

Following are the blankets I have left.  This one is chenille and cotton and is $22.00.


This one is minky and cotton - $22.00.

This adorable blanket is made with cotton and chenille, with a cotton ruffle.  It is $28.00


This blanket is made with flannel and minky - $22.00.

This blanket is made with minky and cotton - $22.00.

This beauty is made with minky and cotton, with a cotton ruffle - $30.00.

Another blanket with cotton and minky - $22.00.

This is cotton and minky - $22.00.

And another with cotton and minky - $22.00.

This is another one with cotton and chenille, with a cotton ruffle - $30.00.

Next are gauze blankets that are so popular.  They're made from a really lightweight fabric that would be great for swaddling.  I have three of these and they're $9.00 each.

I also made baby wash cloths and baby towel/wash cloth sets.  The wash cloths are $1.50 each and the sets are $12.50.

Pink set SOLD

Blue and white towel set SOLD

Pink and white towel set SOLD

This white one is hard to see, but it has white lace and ribbon on it.
Brown towel set SOLD

I made some block puzzles and I have one left.  It's actually surprising how much of a puzzle it really is!  There is a different piece of 6 puzzles on each block, so it's kind of hard to do!  These are made on wooden blocks, and covered with several layers of Mod Podge.  They are sturdy and should last a LONG time!  The blocks are about 3 1/2" square.  David made these nice boxes for me, and they are slightly larger than the puzzle so it's easy to move the blocks.  These puzzles are $33 each.

These are three of the six puzzles in this box.  I have a strip of pictures on two sides so you can see what picture you're trying to make. 

If you're interested in any of these, just leave a comment on this blog post.  I'll answer them in order.  If you want sizes of anything, feel free to ask.  I just wanted to get everything posted finally and didn't go measure everything but will gladly do so!  If you live further away, I will have to charge for shipping.  Just ask for a quote . . . I will send as cheaply as I can.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Us girls have all been working on things for the bazaar this weekend. Monday with our day off of school, Tara and I spent the day making suckers. There have been lots of projects going on around here. Hope to see you all at the Artisan Fair!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My First Overnight Quilt Retreat

Last week I had the pleasure to go on a quilt retreat at Cannon Beach.  It was at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.  I had a delightful time and I hope I get to repeat it again:)  We had a small group of 12 (10 ladies and 2 men who joined in with their wives).

The setting was perfect . . . both our rooms and the room we used for quilting were oceanfront.  The weather wasn't beautiful the whole time, but the ocean is always beautiful!  Oh, yeah . . . and we were supposed to be going for quilting anyway!!!  This is what we got to see when we looked out our windows.

We got down there Monday afternoon at about 3:30 and had to check out Wednesday at 2:00.  It felt like it went too fast and we could've stayed longer!  Tuesday and Wednesday we had lunch at the conference center.  They put on a fancy lunch for us.  When we arrived at the dining hall, the table was all set except for our soup.  We had this huge salad, clam chowder, breadsticks and brownies.  I don't think anyone was able to eat their whole salad!

Here are some of the ladies busy at work!  Some of my pictures turned out really blurry so I don't have them all to show:(

The project Jerrie Lynn was working on was really beautiful.  She's making a fall wall hanging for herself.  I don't embroider, so to me it looks like a huge amount of work . . . as in I would NEVER try it!

Emma started and finished her quilt top.  It turned out so pretty.  This is the pattern we'll be using at our January day retreat, so I'm excited to get fabric for my own now!

Because our retreat was at a Christian conference center, they wanted us to have some sort of devotional.  They agreed it was fine for us to sing, so we sang each day.  Jerrie Lynn was kind enough to play the piano for us.  All of these pictures turned out blurry but I decided to use them anyway.

This is my machine (and our sewing room).  This was taken when most people were already packing up.  Also, a pile of scraps from my project.

As the other ladies would tell you, food is always a pretty important thing when I'm off traveling or doing something fun:)  The first night we tried Pizza a'fetta.  Between all of us, we tried their soup, salads and pizza by the slice.  The next night we went to Morris' Fireside restaurant.  They had a big variety to choose from and everyone really enjoyed it.  We got to sit right next to the fireplace.  The building was really neat and fun to look around.  Notice the plant hangers in the picture . . . next time you see an old hanging scale for sale - think planter!!!  Also, notice our door greeters in the center bottom:)

I roomed with my sister, Charity, and had a great time being with her.  She was also the driver for half of our group.  This is our driver, our van group, and our door lady as we were driving around Cannon Beach:)

This is our whole group . . . and a wonderful group it was to hang out with for several days.

On our way home we had lots of rain off and on.  We were blessed with rainbows, too.  Part of the time we were actually able to see the entire rainbow with a faint one beside it.  It was also the closest I've ever seen a rainbow.  It traveled right along with us, right next to us!

Can hardly wait to see if I can find a way to go again next year.  Everyone enjoyed it SOOO much that we already reserved it again.  Definitely something to look forward to when we know an actual date . . . and know exactly what we will be finding when we get there!!!!!  Thanks again to everyone:)  A special thanks to David and our girls for making it happen for me!!