Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This apron was one of my Grandma Kulla's.  I love the style, how it covers you up well and comes all the way up to your neck..it keeps you clean!

However, it is rather old and falling apart, not to mention it wasn't put together too well! 

So, I decided to make myself a new one like it.  I pinned each section of the apron to my fabric while it was still all one piece.  Though it may have made it easier, I didn't want to take the apron apart.  I cut out each piece a little extra big for a seam allowance.  Lots of guessing and I wasn't sure if it was gonna turn out.  But, hoping that it would, I traced each piece so I have a pattern to make it again, much easier next time.  And it all worked out!

I love it and wear it often :)