Friday, March 6, 2015

A New Project and a Re-Do

I worked on a couple projects for Bridger this week.  The first one was super simple . . . a new baby towel.  I just bought some terry cloth and then added bias tape around the edge to finish it off.  We decided a bright orange would look cute with the gray.

First it was OK . . . 

. . . and then it wasn't!! 

For my re-do, I had a play mat I got for Walker.  When Tanner was finishing up using it, I realized it was falling apart . . . and ugly!!  I happened to see online somewhere where someone had made their own.  I decided I could just re-do mine.  Well, basically it's all new except I re-covered the cross bars.

Here is what it looked like.

And this is what I made.

The little tabs are for hanging other toys off of.

The old toy no longer worked so I took it apart and replaced the batteries and made a bird around the noisemaker.

I thought it turned out adorable . . . and so is the little man :)

I was supposed to be making a blanket for Bridger, too, but one of the fabrics I bought was flawed so I need to replace it before I can make his blanket.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Welcome, Bridger!

So, this post is a bit past due!  On January 13th, at 7:08 p.m., we welcomed Bridger Emil!  He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches.  The birth went well and we are doing great!

Daddy with his 9th son.

Being weighed . . . apparently this was traumatic!! 

 First bath.

Big sister, Morgan, came to meet him.

And big brother, Tanner.

Bridger's only living grandparent.

These are some cute little long johns all of his brothers before him wore.

Bronwyn taking her turn at holding Bridger.

Clothes from Grandpa.

I haven't seen his smiles happen, but in the last couple days I've heard about them.  I just found this on Aimee's camera.

One month old.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 9, 2015

3 New Quilts!!

Trying to get in a little extra quilting (because I just want to do fun stuff right now!!) before our baby is born.  A month ago I finished a quilt I made for if we have a boy.  This chevron style is the same style I made last time for if we had a girl.  This pattern was MUCH easier to make and took many, many hours less of work to put it all together.

This picture of the back shows the quilting.  The back is minky fabric.

This week I was able to quilt and finish two quilts for a couple of our small godchildren.  I'm almost caught up in that category :)  

The back is flannel.

You might not be able to see it very good, but the red on this one looks like barn boards.  This one has a flannel back, too; just a plainer tan color, similar to the tan on the front.

Hope you have a great weekend.  I have a couple more projects I could work on in my "waiting" time, so maybe I'll have something else to share soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Baskets

Last year we were asked to take on the job of making Christmas baskets for a company.  I said "no" right off because I'm not very crafty that way.  After being asked to reconsider, I asked Aimee about it, because I knew it wouldn't be done without her help.  We decided that maybe we could give it a try and hoped for the best.  Being our first time, we kinda totally forgot about getting pictures of anything except for our final product when it was delivered.

This year I tried to do a little better about getting some pictures of what we were putting in the baskets.  No professional pictures, just quick snapshots of  some of our things.  All of the baskets didn't get everything pictured, but these items went in at least some of the baskets.  Aimee and I work on everything for the baskets.  Tara and Rachel helped out on our baking day.  Rachel also stays up with us until the wee hours of the morning, getting the baskets put together.

White chocolate peppermint stir sticks . . . for hot chocolate.

Our theme was "a day by the fireside", so we put together these little jars of matches.

On the bigger baskets we put the first letter of the company's name or the person's last name on the outside of the basket.

Apple Pie

All boxed up.

One of our finished small baskets.

A couple of our finished baskets that had to be non-perishable.  Obviously, hardly any of our nummy bakery could go into these.  We had to come up with other things.

And at 3:30 in the morning when we were finally done putting them all together, we still didn't end up with pictures of our finished "perishable" baskets!!  Such is life:)  On to thinking about what kind of exciting and new sort of baskets we can make next year!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stitch & Chatter Quilt Retreat at the Beach

This week I was blessed to be able to join our Stitch & Chatter group at Cannon Beach for a 4 day/3 night retreat.  This was all thanks to David and my big girls for taking care of everything at home!!!  We had such a fun time and accomplished much!  For some, the accomplishment was sewing; for others it was resting:)

We stay at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.  The building we use is ocean front.  There is a conference room we use for all of our sewing.  The rest of the building is just like a motel.  When we are there, it is only our group using the whole building.  It's very nice to just be able to leave everything at night without picking it all up.  For brunch they provide our meal.  We go to the dining room for this.  At supper we're on our own, whether we go out with the group or by ourself.

Our snack and drink center.

Along with all of our work and visiting, we had our times of singing every day.  Janine did most of our piano playing.

Betty played and sang a couple nights for those of us who stayed up later.

We had a lot of fun teasing these two.  Sure glad they and Don were able to make it with their wives.  Here they are helping out Judi.

I sewed next to Charity, so we got a bunch of extra visiting in.  I also roomed with her . . . sooo fun:)

She made this beautiful quilt while we were there.  She wasn't able to put all of the rows together because she ran out of some of her fabric.  After that she made another quilt top.

Phyllis was busy finishing up a quilt.

Marie made this beautiful baby quilt . . . a lot of extra work since it was a mix of minky, chenille and flannel.

Janine made several different kinds of bags.  She wanted to do small projects to be able to get them all done!

Here she is with 4 of them . . . I think she made at least 7.

Jerrie-Lynn always has difficult projects she's working on.  (Hiding in the back of the picture is Joyce, working on saving her photos.)

First she colored and then started to embroider this block.  I think I heard something about this being a couple year project, working on it off and on.  She's got a lot more patience than me!

 Joan was working on a couple different quilts.  I didn't get any pictures of her first one.

Jan finished up this "guestbook" quilt she was making for her granddaughter who just got married this summer, before she started another quilt.

Judy was working on this quilt.  She had higher hopes, but got more than halfway done with it.  She was only able to stay 2 nights.

Emma had a couple different projects.  This was a cute little baby quilt that I didn't get a better picture of.

And she finished this gorgeous quilt!

Check out her quilting around the flowers . . . AMAZING!!!

This is Betty's second quilt top she worked on.

Judi shared her friendship quilt from a few years ago.  Members of our group each made a block from Judi's fabrics.

It looks like I didn't get a picture of Marcella, but here is part of a lovely quilt she put together.

The "Mattson" and "Holmgren" girls.  Kathy and Elaine came to spend some time with Phyllis.

I got both of the projects done that I'd hoped to.  This first one is my baby boy quilt.  I have it all pinned and ready to quilt, but I wanted to do that at home.  It has gray minky on the back.

 This little farm one is for one of our godchildren.  Very fun and easy to put together . . . the cutting probably took much longer than the sewing!

And last but not least, our beautiful Pacific Ocean.  The weather was mostly nice during the day.  It rained at night and right when we were supposed to be leaving.  There were sooo many birds right out our windows.


 Looking forward to and hoping I get to go again next year:)