Monday, June 26, 2017

Three Graduations!

This year we had three graduations; 4th grade, 8th grade and kindergarten!  On Thursday, June 22nd, Bronwyn graduated from 4th grade.  Next year she will be in middle school.

Bridger got really enthused about clapping for every student, and copied/repeated most of their names, too!  I had a video of him, but apparently it doesn't want to load correctly, because it says an error occurred when I click on it.

On Friday morning, Clayton graduated from 8th grade.  Next year he will go to BGHS.  They had a nautical theme.

Here he is walking in.

After the program.

He's not looking, but a good picture of him :)

 After Clayton's graduation, we went to the primary school, where Morgan was graduating.  I think her teacher was in the process of moving her tassel to the other side here.

Her teacher dressed them up ahead of time in cap and gown and had a photographer friend come in and get good pictures of each of them.  These were in their "diplomas".

Friday night to celebrate, we went to Rocky's for dinner.  Lovely, kindhearted Tara decided since we had three graduations, we should have a graduation party later that night.  She bought a pie for us.

The graduates each got some candy, a squirt gun and a dollar.

They were very excited graduates :)

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  1. So much excitement! Aren't big families a lot of fun?