Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dr. Seuss and Smell

The week of Dr. Seuss' birthday we had a little fun.  Along with reading a few of his books and doing some Dr. Seuss related activities, we had a special lunch one day.

"Thing One and Thing Two"

"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" - Candy fish in blue jello (water)
"Pink ink for the Yink"

"The Cat in the Hat"


We did a little project with smell last week.  Each cup contained a cotton ball that had been scented.  There was a match for each scent.

Each cup was labeled with a shape or a letter that they all recognized...Morgan and Walker don't know what numbers look like yet, so this worked better than numbering them.

I had them smell each cup and tell me what they thought it smelled like, as well as if it smelled like a different cup they had already smelled.  On their dry erase boards they made a chart of which cups had matching smells.

Walker recognizes about 10 letters now and can write W, M, I, and H.  Hunter knows all his letters and sounds and is reading short words.  They all are excited when school starts every morning.


  1. Wow, Rachel, you do the coolest things! I bet your siblings really enjoy that.

  2. that was the coolest lunch/combined with learning...and you do it so quietly and with us hardly noticing you were teaching! Fun fun