Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rhoades Reunion - Part II

I probably should just mention more about our family.  Dad and Mom had 13 children, with one baby girl dying at about 13 hours old, so we grew up with a family of 12; 8 girls and 4 boys.  All of us siblings and our spouses were able to make it to the reunion.  From those 12 children, there are 123 grandchildren; 114 of them were there.  And from the grandchildren, there were 72 great grandchildren and 62 of them were there.  Since our reunion there has been two more great grandchildren born.

Saturday morning we had family pictures.  All of our families got them done separately and we got pictures of the whole group, grandchildren, children, etc.  The whole process of getting our pictures done went amazingly quick and painless!!

Our whole group picture and then close ups (not posed anymore) along the line-up.  Dad is on the tractor seat and the family is in age order, with the oldest starting on the left.

Dad and his grandchildren.

Dad with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Dad with his children.

Dad with his children and their spouses.

Dad with his children in age order.

The boys - Chet, Rick, Dan and Nathaniel.  Something was apparently really funny so I chose this picture over one that Nathaniel was looking in :)

Us girls - from back left - Charity, Elva, Darla, Leona, Nancy.  Front left - Clara, Denise Ramona.

The oldest and youngest siblings . . . Rick and Leona.

The front of the "store" and "coffee shop" (named Pantoski Coffee after the road we grew up on.

Two of the baristas.

 Store cashiers.

So many choices!!

Saturday afternoon we had a scavenger hunt.  The kids seemed to have a lot of fun running around and searching for things . . . or getting signatures for some things.  We also had a water balloon toss and gunny sack races.  Our family did the gunny sack races so I have pictures of that.

We had a mostly adult male group.

Saturday night during the supper hour there were guessing jars.  There was one table of jars for young kids to guess and one table for older kids and adults to guess.  If you got the closest amount of items you got the jar with whatever was in it.  That was really fun.

And since I have sooo many pictures again on here, I guess I'll do a third post!  Hopefully it won't take as long to get it posted as this one did.

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