Friday, July 13, 2012

8th Grade Recognition

I'm almost a month behind in posting this, but I still wanted to get it on here.

Tara had her 8th grade recognition on the last day of school.  They chose a theme for it, which was "western".  Here is a bit of the decor.

 They walk up the center aisle one-by-one and then stand until their whole class is in.  The middle picture is of Tara receiving her awards, and the last one is of her walking out.

I'm pretty sure Tara got the most awards of any of the 160 students:)  I didn't think they were ever going to quit announcing them!  We were very proud!!

Tara's godmothers, Aunty Clara and Myrna, both made it.  Cousin Shayne came with Clara.  Thanks for taking the time, ladies.  That was special:)

Cousin Bethany came home with us the night before and came to the recognition with us.

Now Tara's a big freshman, onto BGHS this fall.


  1. You look so lovely, Tara and great job on a lot of years of hard work! Love you:)