Monday, July 30, 2012


 Nadine's pretty hollyhock.

 Their beautiful grass.

 A shed out in the field

 Towels, swimsuits and trunks hanging to dry.

L - R, T - B: I went to take a picture of the kids on the tramp and they all tried to hide:), Clint, Rachel, Bronwyn and Brittany, Christopher, and Clayton and Marcus.

We went camping at Dan and Nadine's house the 4th weekend of this month.  With lots of space for tents, a pool, candy and ice cream store, a big place out of the wind for eating, and our Aunt and Uncle's house,  it's a convenient location.  All these pictures were taken on Friday afternoon, when we were the only ones there.  Most of the other people got there around supper time later on Friday.  We had a lot of fun, as we did all the other years we went.

Love and God's Peace, Tara

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  1. Cool pictures! I love my hollyhocks-took me years to get some to grow!