Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Blog Sale

As is the usual case after a bazaar, I have things left that I would love to sell!!  Even though I hardly made anything new for this bazaar, even less than that sold:(  So, I bring my goods to you, here:)  Shipping will be extra.

I made a few new puzzles.  These are the two I have left.  The blocks are appoximately 3 1/4" square.  The smaller puzzle is made with Mort Kunstler Civil War pictures.  The larger one are all John Deere pictures.  Each puzzle makes into 6 different puzzles.  Also included in the Civil War puzzle is a paper describing each puzzle.  Pictures of the puzzles are on two sides of the boxes.  The Civil War puzzle is $32 and the John Deere puzzle is $40.

The boys made a couple birdhouses again.  They are $20 each.

I decorated some tiles.  The first two are 6" and are $7.50 each.

The next two are 12" and are $12.50 each.

This last one is 9" x 12" and is $12.50.

Magnets are $6 a set.

Cards are $1.75 each. 

Organizer wallets are $8.00 each.

I have some blankets left.  They are $22.00 each.
***SOLD (above blanket)***
This beautiful ruffle blanket is $30.
I have 2 burp cloths left.  They are $6.00 each.
***SOLD  (above burp cloth)***
***SOLD  (above burp cloth)***
These baby towel and washcloth sets are $12.50 each.
***SOLD (above set)***

Hope you find something here that you want:)  I'd love to hear from you.  Have a beautiful week!!


  1. Hi! I would like a birdhouse. Do you take PayPal?
    Love and God's Peace, Abby

    1. I do take PayPal, Abby, but I'd have to check to see how I could send this and how much shipping would be.

  2. Sorry it took so long to respond! Just let me know how much to send if you have any left!
    Thanks and God's Peace, Abby