Sunday, April 20, 2014


April is our biggest birthday month.  We have four birthdays from the 7th to the 17th.  Clayton turned 11 this year.  A couple days before his birthday he'd been to a store with David.  He was dearly wishing he had enough money to buy this ax.  David  bought it, but Clayton had no idea it was really for him.  He was so pleased when he got it!

Clayton had an ice cream cake.

This was Tara's "sweet sixteen"  birthday . . . and she's very sweet:)

Her cake was an angel food cake with chocolate whip cream.  Delicious!!

I got a few pictures with smiles from Reid on his 20th birthday, but as I was taking them he asked for them not to be posted.  As usual, he asked for apple pie.

Morgan turned 3.  She is my big "baby girl" now.  She was so pleased with each of her presents.  It's so easy and fun to shop for little girls!!

Rachel made Morgan's cake . . . the only normal cake of the four.  It's nice they all want different kinds of "cake".

In three more weeks, we get to start on our next round . . . but only 2 of them in May, 6 days apart.

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  1. What a wonderful month April must be in the Kulla household!