Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where Do You Sleep?

Kids fall asleep in funny places.

It was pretty quiet and I hadn't saw Tanner around for awhile, so I figured I better find out where he was.  I checked outside first as I though he had probably made an escape.  I didn't see him anywhere and finally found him on the nursery floor!  He knew where to go when it was time for a nap :)

A month and a half ago I was babysitting one night while Mom and Dad were gone.  The other kids were all in bed, but Morgan was going to stay awake until they got home!  So she fell asleep sitting next to me at the counter.

A few days later Morgan fell asleep "reading" on the couch.

 This one dates back to last October.  I think Dad was reading a story and she was falling asleep.

She woke up soon after :)


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  1. I remember those sweet days when Ian did things like that! They are so precious, those memories.