Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Baskets

Last year we were asked to take on the job of making Christmas baskets for a company.  I said "no" right off because I'm not very crafty that way.  After being asked to reconsider, I asked Aimee about it, because I knew it wouldn't be done without her help.  We decided that maybe we could give it a try and hoped for the best.  Being our first time, we kinda totally forgot about getting pictures of anything except for our final product when it was delivered.

This year I tried to do a little better about getting some pictures of what we were putting in the baskets.  No professional pictures, just quick snapshots of  some of our things.  All of the baskets didn't get everything pictured, but these items went in at least some of the baskets.  Aimee and I work on everything for the baskets.  Tara and Rachel helped out on our baking day.  Rachel also stays up with us until the wee hours of the morning, getting the baskets put together.

White chocolate peppermint stir sticks . . . for hot chocolate.

Our theme was "a day by the fireside", so we put together these little jars of matches.

On the bigger baskets we put the first letter of the company's name or the person's last name on the outside of the basket.

Apple Pie

All boxed up.

One of our finished small baskets.

A couple of our finished baskets that had to be non-perishable.  Obviously, hardly any of our nummy bakery could go into these.  We had to come up with other things.

And at 3:30 in the morning when we were finally done putting them all together, we still didn't end up with pictures of our finished "perishable" baskets!!  Such is life:)  On to thinking about what kind of exciting and new sort of baskets we can make next year!!