Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Little Catch-Up

I think this will just mostly be a picture post . . . a little catch-up from the last couple months.

On February 3, Tanner turned 2.  He is such a little sweetheart and an amazing child, according to his unbiased parents and siblings!!

David caught an albino beaver (the albino and a normal one pictured here.)

Bridger's baptism - parents, godparents and preacher.

Clayton was 12 on April 7th.

Ice cream cake for his birthday.

Bridger is 3 months.

Tara turned 17 on the 13th.  Angel food cake with chocolate whip cream frosting.

Morgan was 4 on the 17th.

She wanted a pink and purple bunny cake.

Morgan and Bronwyn with their dolls.

After 3 months in Finland, Rachel got home last night.  We're very happy to have her back.  She left when Bridger was 16 days and now he's 3 1/2 months . . . he did a little changing while she was gone.

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