Thursday, April 30, 2015

Clayton's Quilt

Clayton was one of the couple kids left who'd never gotten a quilt I made.  I didn't start quilting until he was a couple years old, so I hadn't made him a baby quilt.  When I was making a quilt for one of our godsons, he really liked the fabric.  That quilt is pictured in this post.  I had some of the fabric left, and quite a few blocks left from that quilt, so one day when I wanted to quilt but didn't have anything new to work on, I started making a quilt out of it.  At that point, I had no plans of it being for Clayton.  I thought it might just be a baby quilt, but it wasn't very babyish, so it just sat for awhile.  Then I suddenly remembered that Clayton really liked it, so I figured out what I could do to make it larger.

I'd bought my original elk fabric in New Hampshire, but I'd seen it at my local quilt shop, so I got more of that for the outer border.  I also had to buy fabric for binding and backing.

I like to put flannel on the backs of my quilts, so I don't have as much of a choice.  I was pleased to find this blue with different colors of trees on it.  I took all she had and hoped it would be enough, even though it was slightly less than what I planned to buy.  It turned out that it wasn't enough :(  At that point, I went searching and happened to find this tan left from David's quilt.  I thought it went well enough.

As you can see, I just did my usual stippling/meandering.  It's what gets done the fastest for me.

Happy 12th to Clayton!

Almost forgot . . . and here's Clayton when he got his quilt.


  1. Very nice! Is it bed size or a throw?

    1. Thanks! This is a throw . . . 59" X 68".

  2. I can see why Clayton liked that material. The quilt turned out awesome! I like how the back is too, with the wide stripe. Great job!