Wednesday, October 16, 2013

20th Anniversary Trip - Part 1

Just a warning . . . I'm quite wordy, so if you don't like that, close up this post now:)

David took me to New Hampshire to see the fall colors and celebrate 20 years of marriage (July 16).  Tanner got to come along for the ride since he goes where mama goes:)  Rachel was home with the rest of the children.

We flew out on September 30th in the afternoon.  There was an accident on the bridge on the way to the airport, so we didn't get there quite as early as we'd planned, but we still had plenty of time.  We managed to get Tanner all unloaded from his carseat and stroller for security.  I handed him to David while I put the last few things on the belt.  I went through and then waited for them.  Something kept beeping on David, so he kept trying to find something else to shed.  Finally, one of the women watching figured out it was Tanner's shoes that were causing the problem.  They had a bunch of metal lace holders!  (The funny thing was there'd been a sign that children 12 and under didn't need to take off their shoes . . . Wrong!!!)  The shoes came off and then we were on our way again:)

Our flight to Chicago was totally full so we had to gate check our carseat and stroller.  Tanner was hungry when we boarded, so he ate immediately and fell asleep before we took off.  He slept for about 1 1/2 hours.

Taking his nap across my lap.

Playing after he woke up.  A water bottle did  the trick to keep him happy for awhile.

Everyone who would look at him was charmed by his smile.  We managed to keep him amused the whole way there and didn't have any crying.  The people around us were amazed and happy.

Our flight to Manchester was only about half full, so we got to take the carseat on.  That was awesome!  Tanner again ate and fell asleep as soon as we boarded.

He slept the whole way there, waking up as we were walking to get our luggage.  It was after midnight when we arrived, and after 1:00 before we got to our motel.  David and I hadn't really had lunch or dinner, so he found a 24-hour McDonald's to get us something to eat.  Tanner was wide awake, so it was just as well I had something to do, because I had to stay up anyway.

The next day as I was getting ready, David said "Elva, come here.  Come look at these beautiful fall colors out our window."  I went to see and this is what I saw.  Along with the evergreen trees, there was an oak tree that hadn't changed at all!!

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast . . . when it was almost time for lunch:)  It was delicious!!

Tanner tried out the rocking chair on the porch before we left.

From Manchester we started north toward the White Mountains.  We drove up along Lake Winnipesaukee.  It was a gorgeous, warm day and the lake was beautiful.  We stopped in at a park to see the lake and let Tanner move about for awhile.  He was not at all impressed when Daddy stood him in the water!!

And it's past bedtime now and instead of making this post any longer, I'll post it and continue later!!

20th Anniversary Trip - Part 2

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