Sunday, October 27, 2013

20th Anniversary Trip - Part 3

If you haven't already seen them, here are 20th Anniversary Trip - Part 1 and Part 2.

We really wanted to go up Mount Washington on the Cog Railway.  Unfortunately, it was in the clouds on Wednesday, and there were pretty high winds.  Five years ago we drove up there when there was about zero visibility and we decided it wasn't worth wasting our money ($64 each!!) on if we couldn't see anything.  We drove up to the visitor center anyways, just to see what there was to see.  On our drive from North Conway to the Cog Railway, we saw lots of pretty scenery.

Watching a train take off up the mountain.

Tanner getting a ride with Daddy.

The other train heading out.

We were waiting for David so I decided to take a picture of Tanner in front of their display.  The only way I could get him to kinda look at me was when a man walked up.  Tanner's eyes followed the guy all the way and I snapped the picture when he walked behind me:)

When we left, we were getting rather hungry.  They do lack in food in this area if you're looking for something fast.  Even more difficult if you're looking for gluten free!!  We decided to drive all the way to Littleton for food.  We were pleased to find a Subway but, alas, no gluten free buns.  Just ended up going to a grocery store and grabbing a few things.  Rather boring!!

On our way again, headed to see The Flume.  This tree was quite popular among all the leaf peepers!!  It was right in front of The Flume visitor center.  Everyone I saw with a camera stopped to take a picture!

Round trip to walk to see the Flume and the trail back was 2.4 miles.  It was another pretty day and Daddy carried Tanner in the front pack.

Covered bridge along the way.

Somewhere I read that every year they have to rebuild some of these walking pathways because they get covered in ice and wrecked in the winter!

 Looking up on our walk.

I thought these trees looked pretty neat, with the roots growing all over the rocks.

A bunch more scenery from our walk.


Tanner was happy to be out of the front pack and free again!  Daddy didn't think he quite knew how to walk after carrying/wearing him for so long!!  He felt so light without the pack he said it was weird to walk.

Having fun in the leaves before he had to get buckled into his carseat again!

From here we found a little motel to stay in for the night.  And since I put soooo many pictures on this post, I'd better start another:)

20th Anniversary Trip - Part 4


  1. Very beautiful pictures! What's the Flume?

    1. I didn't want to explain all about it, so I put a link for it. Click on "The Flume" and you can read about it:)