Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Sweet Baby Quilt

A little over a year ago I was (im)patiently waiting the arrival of our 13th child.  I had carpel tunnel, high blood pressure, my FIL had recently died and my MIL was terminally ill with cancer.  I'd chosen an adorable baby quilt to make for a girl.  Unfortunately, I hadn't paid attention to how much work it was going to be!!  Also, I didn't have any pregnancy related problems at the time I chose it.  This week when I finished it, I decided it truly was worth all my work.  I'm just glad I had a boy and his quilt was already finished when he arrived almost 3 weeks early.

I found my pattern here, on the Riley Blake website.  It was called Vintage Chic.  If you haven't been there, you might want to check it out.  They have tons of free patterns.  I had to refigure everything so I could make it a baby quilt.  When trying to decide what kind of fabric to use, Aimee found this line of fabric online . . . Aviary 2 in Lilac, by Joel Dewberry.  I thought it was sooo cute . . . but wasn't really thinking about what small pieces I would be cutting and, for the most part, you can't see what most of these prints really look like.  I still like the end result.

A few facts:  This quilt is 37" X 40".  It has 476 triangles of fabric in the chevron part of the quilt, making up 238 2" finished blocks.  Um . . . yeah!!!  So, with my sore wrists/arms, I had to square up each block to 2 1/2" after I sewed them all together.  Like I said . . . totally worth it!  But, I don't think I'll do it again:)  And, it will only go to a daughter or granddaughter because I don't think anyone will pay me enough for it!!!

Aren't these little birdies just so adorable??

Here's a photo of the back of my quilt.  I used minky.  I'm not sure if I like the back or the front better!!  I really do like the front better, but I really do like how the quilting shows up on the back!

A little closer up.

And the whole thing.

So there's my bragging for the day:)

Looking forward to a craft day on Monday . . . and lots of visiting!!


  1. Wow!! That is gorgeous! Both sides are SO pretty. I love the colors and how the quilting shows on the back.

  2. I really admire this, Elva, and you! Love the colors and the birds and does minky always show quilting like that? It is hard to decide which side is prettier !

    1. Thanks, Anne! I think the minky does usually show like that. The thread gets buried and you can't see it so much, but you see the outline it makes.

  3. It's one of my favorites of all those you've made, except mine which makes me happy every time I look at it!

    1. Thanks . . . pretty sure it' one of my favorites, too. I'm glad you like yours:)