Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Annual Stitch & Chatter Quilt Retreat

Our Stitch 'n Chatter group had our annual quilt retreat on Saturday.  Everyone works on their own quilt.  This year Marcella taught us the "Band Box" quilt.  We're given a list of what is needed and buy our own fabric if we want to do the group project.  These three quilts are done using the technique each a little differently.  I'm working on a quilt that will be similar to the middle one, with the blocks "on point".

Since it was our 10th annual retreat, we displayed a quilt made from each year's group project (I didn't get a picture of all of them).  I've been to each of the retreats and have done the group project every year except for one.

These quilts were made two years ago.  I didn't work on the group project that year because I'd made this one, which was very similar, the fall before.

This was the quilt from our first retreat - Yellow Brick Road.

Wacky Stars

This is a quilt from several years ago that I made for Tara - Blooms for Annabelle.

Rachel came to the retreat this year.  Many years ago she came to babysit for me, but has never been there quilting.

Jan, laying out her quilt blocks.  She was making a bright children's quilt.

Jerrie Lynn showed off this pretty quilt that she was making.

It's so nice to get together with the ladies to quilt.  I love having the whole day to work and visit.  Of course, it even nicer on the years I don't have a baby along with me, but still fun even then!  Tanner got to join us (with Aimee) for most of the day this year. 

Very much looking forward to, and hoping I will be able to attend, the beach retreat in the fall!!!