Thursday, February 13, 2014


I've been helping Hunter at home with learning his letters.  Walker and Morgan want to do school, too!  Walker now knows his alphabet and Morgan almost has it down.  The other day Walker learned how to write "W", so today he got to do "a", the second letter in his name.  First I printed out a big "a" for him to fill in with different objects.

He used Legos first.

Morgan wanted to do it, too, so I printed off an "M" for her.  She knows "M" is for "me and Mom!"  Here she is filling hers in with dominoes.

Lincoln logs were another thing they used.

Morgan really filled up her M! . . . and the rest of her paper :)

Hunter was done with his "school" so he played with Legos while they did their letters.

All 3 of them got to write their letters with their finger in flour on a plate.  They thought that was fun!  And then Walker finally got to write "a"s.

Then they all decided they were done and went off to play.  I'll have to work more with Walker on his "a"s another day.  He is a good student and always anxious to move on!  When we did "W", I had him filling in a W with different objects and he told me he wants to write "W" today!  So I let him be done doing that and he got to start writing it :)  He did pretty good!


*I've been getting lots of ideas and worksheets from

***Mom's editing here . . . Rachel is an EXCELLENT teacher!!

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  1. Great job, Rachel! Oh, what joy when they first learn their letters.